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Student Group Registration Information: Student Involvement and Leadership Center


All organizations functioning on the Lawrence Campus of the University of Kansas are required to register with the University.

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Student, campus, and community groups wanting to participate and hold activities/events on the KU campus.

Policy Statement: 

Student Organization Registration Information

General Statement

All organizations functioning on the Lawrence Campus of the University of Kansas are required to register with the University. Registration provides several advantages; official identification as a University affiliated group, use of designated University facilities and services, coordination and communication of group activities with campus administration and other organizations, and eligibility to receive funding form Student Senate.

Organizations must be established for legal purposes consistent with the broad educational aims of the University and in accord with regulations, guidelines, and policies of the University, the City of Lawrence, and the State of Kansas. However, registration does not imply University endorsement of the purposes of an organization, nor does the University assume sponsorship of or responsibility for any group activities on or off University property.

Should a student organization not follow general guidelines that are consistent with University policies, the group may be subject to losing their status as a student organization with the Student Involvement & Leadership Center. If a student organization loses its registration, the president may appeal to the Office of the Vice Provost for Student Affairs in order to regain status as an organization.

Organization Classifications

  • Student Organizations: A Student Organization is composed primarily of currently enrolled students - 75% of the membership or more. All officers must be currently enrolled students.
  • Campus Organizations: A campus organization is composed primarily of members from the University community - 75% of the members are currently enrolled students, KU staff members and/or their spouses. The officers of the organization must be members of the University community.
  • Community Organizations: A Community Organization is an organization whose stated purpose benefits both the Lawrence and University communities. Community organizations are encouraged to register with the University if their programs and services are beneficial to members of the University community.

Additional Registration Information

Online Registration Information

An organization must re-register its group each year with the Student Involvement and Leadership Center. To re-register your group, go to the Student Involvement and Leadership Center website to login to the Online Student Organization Management System. In order to login, you must have a personal KU user id and password.

  1. If you were an officer/advisor for the previous year, you will see the groups you were affiliated with, once you login.
  2. If you were not an officer/advisor for the previous year, you will not see any groups listed when you login, and will need to click one of following:
    1. If you are registering a brand new group, click on "Register Your Organization."
    2. If you are re-registering your group, click on "Change Your Organization’s Officers with the Change of Officer Form."

Note: In order for an application to be submitted correctly, an organization must have a minimum of three members (in addition to an advisor).

Student Involvement and Leadership Center Listserv

The orgs-l listserv's primary function is to give registered groups, student officers, and advisors at the University of Kansas an avenue for informing other registered groups and students of their events. This listserv will be effective from July 1, 2009 through June 30, 2010.

Policy Statement on Orgs-l List: Student organizations may use the ORGS-L listserv to notify members of events (i.e. such as but not limited to meetings, fundraisers, speeches, rallies or protests) that are organized, co-sponsored and/or supported by student groups registered with SILC. SILC's policy strictly prohibits profanity and derogatory statements. In addition, the ORGS-L listserv will not be used to discuss, debate or offer opinion, and/or the promotion of a political candidate/s. Violation of this policy will cause the individual to be removed for the remainder of the year.

Student and Advisor Electronic Signatures

When officers and the advisor submit the online organization application, each agrees to abide by the Regents Policy on Organization Membership and the Equal Opportunity Statement of the University of Kansas as stated at the bottom of this page. You can also view additional student group information by going to Rock Chalk Central.

There you will find mission statements, contact information, and website addresses for each group on campus.

Registration Procedures

Organizations wishing to register with the University of Kansas must meet the following requirements:

  • Provide the University with the name and a statement of purpose for the organization.
  • Be nonprofit in nature.
  • Annually renew the organization registration (beginning July 1st each year).
  • Maintain in the Student Involvement and Leadership Center a current list of names and email addresses of officers, advisors, and/or liaison person where applicable.
  • Upon request, provide a copy of the organization's charter, constitution, or by-laws, including those of organizations outside the University with which the group is affiliated.
  • A minimum of three members is required to register an organization with the Student Involvement and Leadership Center.
  • Have an advisor who is a member of the faculty or professional staff of the University, or approved by the Student Involvement and Leadership Center if the selected advisor is not on staff. Community organizations must secure a faculty or staff member who will agree to act as liaison between the University and the organization. Graduate Teaching Assistants may be considered professional staff.
  • Confirm the Electronic Registration. By doing so, the group is acknowledging they will adhere to all applicable Regents and University regulations affecting registered organizations and, in particular, the Regents and University Policies on Nondiscrimination in Organizational Membership.

It is the practice of the Student Involvement and Leadership Center to publish contact information for each registered organization. This information will be listed on the Organizations Directory page of Rock Chalk Central, so interested individuals have a means of contacting the organization. Officers/advisors have the option of listing their telephone number and/or email address with the online directory or not having that information published at all. That decision is made by the group member submitting the registration application to SILC. At a minimum, a group email address should be listed so individuals interested in the group can contact them.

Applications for registration may be submitted online to the Student Involvement and Leadership Center any time during the year. Groups will have until September 15th of each year to submit updated information to our office. If at that time the group has not submitted updated information (by submitting a Change of Officer form), the group will no longer be registered with our office, and will need to submit a new student group registration form online. Our office will review the organization's registration materials and determine (1) the group's eligibility to register with the University of Kansas, and, (2) the organization's category for registration purposes. The responsibility for verification of membership rests with the organization and advisor. Registration status is granted administratively by the Student Involvement and Leadership Center. The organization's president and advisor will be notified via email of the organization registration status.

Groups wishing to appeal a decision about registration status should submit a written letter to the director of the Student Involvement & Leadership Center. The petition will be reviewed by three representatives of the Student Senate Executive Committee appointed by the president of the student body. The committee will make a recommendation to the director of the Student Involvement and Leadership Center.

The Student Involvement and Leadership Center maintains complete files of registration materials throughout the fiscal year in which the registration is active. A record of the University of Kansas organization registration will by maintained for historical purposes.

Benefits to Registered Organizations

Registering with the University entitles organizations to a number of benefits. The current available facilities and services are listed below by category. These facilities and services will be periodically reviewed, and organizations will be advised of any revisions.

  1. Use of the University name in the organization's title: (Student and Campus) However, the University cannot permit its image (name) to be used in any commercial announcement, commercial or artistic production, or in any other context where endorsement of a product, organization, person, or cause is explicitly or implicitly conveyed.
  2. Request student activity fee funding: (Student, Campus, and Community) Student and campus groups may request funding through the established Student Senate funding process; community groups, may request consideration of a contractual arrangement with the Student Senate.
  3. Use of University facilities: (Student, Campus, and Community)
    • Schedule meeting rooms, public auditoriums and other designated spaces.
    • Request office space, work station space, locker space, and/or mailbox in the student organizations area in the Kansas Union.
    • Schedule the Information Booth located on Jayhawk Boulevard for information and/or sales purposes.
  4. Use of University Services: (Student, Campus, and Community)
    • Inclusion in university publications, including the student, faculty and staff directory.
    • Publicize activities through University Events Committee.
    • Request a table for the Fall & Spring semester Organization Information Fairs.
    • Receive information materials from the Student Involvement and Leadership Center regarding University procedures, policies, and activities.
  5. Use of University Services: (Student and Campus)
    • Establish a checking account at no charge with the Comptroller's Office.
    • Establish an email and/or web page account with Academic Computing Services.
    • Utilize university staff and programming resources.
    • Use of campus mail for official business of the organization in accordance with established university and state policies.
    • Utilize the Student Senate Advertising Program; receive student organizational advertising rates from the University Daily Kansan and KJHK radio station.
    • Receive food services discount rates on self-service refreshments from the Kansas and Burge Unions for use at the Unions only.

Non-Discrimination Policy of the University of Kansas

The University of Kansas prohibits discrimination on the basis of race, color, ethnicity, religion, sex, national origin, age, ancestry, disability, status as a veteran, sexual orientation, marital status, parental status, gender identity, gender expression and genetic information in the University’s programs and activities. The following person has been designated to handle inquiries regarding the non-discrimination policies:

Director of the Office of Institutional Opportunity and Access, IOA@ku.edu
1246 W. Campus Road, Room 153A, Lawrence, KS 66045, 785-864-6414,
TDD 785-864-2620, TTY 711

Regents Policy on Nondiscrimination in Organizational Membership, II.B.9.

  1. The established policy of the Board of Regents of the State of Kansas prohibits discrimination on the basis of age, race, color, religion, sex, marital status, national origin, physical handicap or disability, status as a Vietnam Era Veteran, sexual orientation or other factors which cannot be lawfully considered, within the institutions under its jurisdiction. All fraternal and campus-related organizations shall follow this policy in the selection of their members, except the prohibition against sex discrimination shall not apply to social fraternities or sororities which are excluded from the application of Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972 (20 U.S.C. Sec. 1681 et seq.). (6-27-02)
  2. The right of organizations to establish standards for membership is acknowledged, provided that all students are afforded equal opportunity to meet those standards. Just as all students have the right to choose those with whom they would associate on the campus, an organization shall have the right to select its members subject to these principles. Nothing in this policy shall be interpreted as imposing a requirement which would violate the principle of selection on the basis of individual merit.
  3. The responsibility for compliance with this policy lies with each organization. In discharge of this responsibility, each organization shall acknowledge its understanding of this policy. Such acknowledgement shall assure that there exist no restrictions on membership, either local or national, which violate this policy. (9-24-65; 1-21-77)
  4. Determination of Appropriate Student Activities and Fees: The chief executive officer shall be ultimately responsible for reviewing proposed expenditures from fees required of every student as a condition of enrollment and as determining whether such expenditures are in support of an appropriate student activity.

Aaron Quisenberry, Associate Director
Student Involvement and Leadership Center
864-4861 or aquisenberry@ku.edu
1301 Jayhawk Blvd., Room 400, Kansas Union

Approved by: 
Aaron Quisenberry, Associate Director
Approved on: 
Sunday, July 1, 2007
Effective on: 
Sunday, July 1, 2007
Review Cycle: 
Annual (As Needed)
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04/03/2015: Fixed broken links to Board of Regents Policy Manual.

12/17/2014: Fixed broken link to Boards of Regents Policy Manual.

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