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Non-renewal or Reduction of Student Athlete Grant-in-Aid


Student-athlete grant-in-aid (GIA) may be reduced or not renewed. The office of Financial Aid and Scholarships (FAS) and other offices at KU comply with the following procedure in such cases. FAS complies with NCAA Bylaws (15.3.2, and 15.3.5) regarding student-athlete aid eligibility.

Applies to: 

Athletes who receive a reduction or cancellation in athletic grant-in-aid for a subsequent academic year. ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­


1. Non-renewal and Reduction of Student-athlete Grant-in-aid

2. Appeal and Hearing Process

Policy Statement: 

1. Non-renewal and Reduction of student-athlete grant-in-aid.


The decision to reduce or not renew a student-athlete’s grant-in-aid (GIA) should include the following considerations:


A. Coaches must have appropriate written documentation to support their decision for a reduction or nonrenewal of a student-athlete’s GIA. Coaches will discuss with their sport supervisor their decision to reduce or not renew a student-athlete’s GIA, and the reason(s) for the decision, prior to going forward with that decision.


B. When a coach decides (and the sport administrator supports the decision) that a student-athlete’s GIA award will be reduced or will not be renewed, the coach is responsible for discussing the reasons for the reduction or nonrenewal with the student-athlete. The coach will document the meeting with the student-athlete has occurred and include in this documentation the reasons for the reduction or nonrenewal of athletic grant in aid (GIA). If a student-athlete has been dismissed from a team, the coach or the sport administrator still has the responsibility to follow the procedure described above. This discussion may occur in conjunction with the dismissal from the team.


C. After advising the student-athlete of the decision to reduce or not renew the student athlete's GIA, the coach will notify the Kansas Athletics Associate Director/Senior Woman Administrator (Athletics AD/SWA) of the decision to reduce or not renew the student-athlete’s GIA. This information, including a copy of the written documentation of the decision to reduce or not renew the GIA, will be forwarded by the Athletics AD/SWA to the Assistant Vice Provost, Financial Aid and Scholarships (FAS).


D. When FAS is notified of a reduction or nonrenewal of a student-athlete’s GIA, a letter will be mailed to the student-athlete. All letters must be mailed by FAS on or before July 1st to meet the requirements of NCAA Bylaw 15.3.5. The Athletics Director, Athletics AD/SWA, Athletics AD Compliance, Athletics Financial Aid Director, head coach, and the Chair of the Student-Athlete Appeals Board (SAAB) are copied on the letter. FAS sends the letter to the student-athlete, via Certified Mail and ‘Delivery Confirmation’ to document the letter was mailed by the July 1st deadline and to document that the letter was delivered. The Athletics AD/SWA may access e-copies via the shared drive to distribute to the Athletics Director and coach.


If the student-athlete is an international student and the only address available in the KU student administration database is the international address, the non-renewal letter will be sent via regular mail since international certified mail is not cost-effective and delivery confirmation is not timely, whereas regular mail is much quicker. Athletics personnel should remind student-athletes of their responsibility to monitor and update addresses in the KU student administration system (Enroll & Pay) throughout their time at KU and upon departure from KU so all pertinent correspondence is received. If the coach and/or other Athletics personnel have a local, current address, the coach and/or other Athletics personnel should provide that address on the Delete Form.


E. If a student voluntarily withdraws from a sport at the end of or during an award period, the student and the Athletics AD (or designee) signs a “Voluntary Termination-of-Aid (VTA) Agreement”. A copy of this VTA Agreement is sent to the FAS with the Delete Form. A non-renewal letter is sent to the student-athlete, following the procedures in paragraph I.D. above.


F. In some cases, the student-athlete is unable or unwilling to sign a VTA after voluntarily withdrawing from a sport at the end of or during an award period. In these cases, any correspondence (such as an email to the coach) that serves as a direct communication from the student-athlete may serve as notification of voluntary withdrawal and may be forwarded with the Delete Form to the Assistant Vice Provost, FAS, as written documentation. If no such correspondence exists, correspondence from the Associate AD/SWA or designee, documenting the request for a meeting with the student-athlete to complete a VTA, will serve as documentation that efforts were made by Athletics to obtain a VTA and will be forwarded to FAS.


2. Appeal and Hearing Process:


When a student has a student athlete grant-in-aid non-renewed or reduced, the student is eligible to appeal the decision with a hearing.


A. If a student-athlete appeals the non-renewal, the University of Kansas Student-Athlete Appeals Board (SAAB) is charged with determining whether the nonrenewal or cancellation of aid was fair under the attending circumstances and to determine whether procedural rules were followed. The SAAB does not determine whether or not the student-athlete will be reinstated as a member of the team.


B. The SAAB is comprised of three individuals appointed by the Provost’s Office (or Designee, currently the Vice Provost for Student Success). Typically, membership is for three-year terms, with the option for reappointment. One of the three must be a faculty member.


C. The Athletics Associate AD/SWA, the Athletics AD for Compliance and the Assistant Vice Provost, FAS, (or designees) will attend the appeal hearing as non-voting members to provide resource/regulatory guidance.


D. A student-athlete who wishes to appeal the reduction or nonrenewal of the GIA must provide written notice of the student athlete's appeal within 10 business days of the documented receipt of the non-renewal letter to the Assistant Vice Provost, FAS. In the written notice of appeal, the student-athlete will provide a brief statement as to the reasons why the student-athlete believes the reduction or nonrenewal of the GIA is unfair. Upon receipt of the student-athlete’s notice of appeal, the Assistant Vice Provost, FAS, will forward a copy of the notice of appeal to the Athletics Associate AD/SWA. The SAAB Hearing must occur within 30 days of the letter of appeal (unless an extension of time is requested by the student-athlete and/or the coach, and the extension request is approved by both parties).


E. The Athletics AD/SWA will contact all SAAB members to determine a minimum of two date/time options for the Student-Athlete Appeals Board hearing that are mutually convenient to all parties involved in the appeal. The AD/SWA will provide a minimum of two available dates/times to the student-athlete to determine which date/time is most convenient. The AD/SWA will then communicate the final date/time/location to the SAAB representatives as well as the Athletics and FAS staff members involved. At least three days prior to the hearing, the AD/SWA will also send the student-athlete a letter detailing the date and time of the hearing. The AD/SWA will copy all parties involved.


G. Those present for the hearing shall include the following: student-athlete (and any representatives), head coach (anyr representatives), Athletics AD/SWA, the Student-Athlete Appeal Board members, The Athletics AD for Compliance and Assistant Vice Provost, FAS, (and/or designees) may be available for NCAA, Big 12 and KU rules clarification. Other participants may include, but are not limited to, the sport supervisor, and/or faculty athletics representative. If the student-athlete fails to appear for the hearing, the SAAB will determine that s/he received timely notification of the hearing date/time and if so, the SAAB hearing may proceed in the absence of the student-athlete.


H. The SAAB Chair will conduct the hearing. At the beginning of the hearing, the Chair shall record the hearing via audiotape and introduce all parties present.


I. The student-athlete will present their information and arguments first, followed by the information and arguments presented by the coach.


J. The student-athlete and/or the coach may ask witnesses to explain/describe their first-hand experience with a given situation and respond to SAAB questions. Third-party witnesses will only be allowed in the hearing for their individual testimony.


K. During the hearing the student-athlete and the athletics department will present their arguments concerning the fairness of the decision to reduce or not renew the student-athlete’s GIA. The issue of fairness includes, but is not limited to, determining whether the notice of reduction or nonrenewal of GIA was sent by the July 1 deadline.


L. A copy of the audiotape will be provided to the student-athlete upon written request and payment for the reasonable costs of making a copy of the audiotape.


M. The Athletic AD/SWA will provide a copy of documentation for distribution to the Student-Athlete Appeals Board and to the student-athlete at the hearing. If in the course of the hearing, an issue arises for which either party requests a recess in order to provide information or witnesses, the Student-Athlete Appeals Board, may, at its discretion, adjourn the hearing to a later date (not more than 7-10 days) at which time the additional information or witnesses can be presented.


N. Once each party has presented their information and arguments, the committee may ask questions of either party, or ask for clarification of any rules or other information referenced in the course of the hearing. At the conclusion of the presentation of the parties’ arguments, everyone will be excused and the Student-Athlete Appeals Board will deliberate.


O. The SAAB Chair will call the student-athlete informing the student-athlete of the SAAB’s decision and advise the student-athlete that a written decision letter will be mailed shortly to the student-athlete.


P. The SAAB Chair will send the SAAB Hearing response letter to the student-athlete. All SAAB representatives and staff members involved with the SAAB Hearing as well as the Athletics Director will be copied on this letter.


Q. The SAAB decision is final and non-appealable.


Brenda Maigaard, Director

Financial Aid and Scholarships

KU Visitor Center, 1502 Iowa Street


Approved by: 
Brenda Maigaard
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Tuesday, August 31, 2010
Effective on: 
Tuesday, August 31, 2010
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Annual (As Needed)
Student-Athlete grant-in-aid, student-athlete financial aid, non renewal of student-athlete grant-in-aid, reduction of student-athlete grant-in-aid.
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